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2008-12-07 12:03:14 by Ipoonyomother


This is a random post, so leave random comments!


2008-12-06 19:57:39 by Ipoonyomother

Anyone got any new video ideas I could make in pivot? It would be cool if ya did!

My video!

2008-11-30 15:50:22 by Ipoonyomother

I put the video on youtube since it got blammed here, now you still get to watch it! yay!!!

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My video!

Would people like this?

2008-11-29 20:24:21 by Ipoonyomother

Do you think people like it that I am uploading pivots to newgrounds, me personally wouldnt care if someone else did it I just care about the quality of a flash. What do you guys think?