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Would people like this?

2008-11-29 20:24:21 by Ipoonyomother

Do you think people like it that I am uploading pivots to newgrounds, me personally wouldnt care if someone else did it I just care about the quality of a flash. What do you guys think?


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2008-11-29 20:26:03

Many people upload pivots, and if their good, you might as well go for it. No-ones gonna stop you.


2008-11-29 20:27:53

Doesn't matter what you used on making it, it depends on the quality of the animation


2008-11-29 20:28:57

Oh And if you have the time CHECK OUT MINE.


2008-11-29 20:32:01

Some people do like pivots but they have to be very good. Personally, I don't really like it, I'd give you some constructive criticism but you're probably gonna delete this comment.

Ipoonyomother responds:

Can You look at my videos?


2008-11-29 21:47:17



2008-11-30 00:37:22

Well...i'm with ya on the quality, mainly the quality is what i'm looking for in mine, and i personally think that your pivots are very well distinguished^^ very well done my friend ;)

and don't worry, i'll have the full version of Something there done soon...that way you won't have to suffer through the half way version of the music video =) hopefully we can be friends? ^^ share and do collabs maybe? ^^

Ipoonyomother responds:



2008-11-30 08:55:53

I see no Pivots

Ipoonyomother responds:

Ugh they got blammed yesterday but I put up a new one today, hopefully that one doesnt get blammed


2008-11-30 10:56:07

i say u should practus more because realy there not that good so i recamend u practus more and make and episode not 20 secs of crap but hey practus makes purfect right?see ya


2008-11-30 11:58:59

UGH! I just got blammed for the 3rd time!
Its impossible to get these past judgement!


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